The origin of our brewery lies in a small village in the Netherlands: Westkapelle. Brewer Jan grew up in that village as a farmer's son. He was interridge by the huge grain fields, which where harvested every August by huge threshing machines. How the harvested grain found its way through the food chain always interrested him. The love of beer and the mystery of the brewing process brought the connection between his home town and his current home town in Brabant.

The brewing process

A few years ago the brewing started amateurish. The first brew was an extract in tin with some water. The taste left something to be desired. Now a few years later is what started as a hobby grown into a real brewery. In 2017 the first batch of 750 litters Halderbergs Blonde was brewed. At the moment we have a wide range of different beers. For example: Halderbergs Wheat, Halderbergs Double, Halderbergs Triple, Halderbergs Stout, Halderbergs IPA, Halderbergs WIPA and Halderbergs Quad ('Halderbergs' stands for the municipality where the brewery is situated).

Other products

In addition to the beers that we currently sell at various stores in the Netherlands and our webshop, there are more products to be found in our collection. Under the heading: Bierbereiding you will find a collection of products that a (hobby)brewer needs to brew the perfect beer. We have tryed to make the website and webshop as English friendly as possible, for example by translate the description of the products in English. If anything is unclear, please contact us.

We hope that you can enjoy the products offered. If you miss a product, which you definitely want to purchase, let us know, we can help you for sure.